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Who We Are:

About Us
The Christian Inner-City Agricultural Training Center is a Christian-based not-for-profit organization focused on youth development, agriculture skills training, and social responsibility. CIATC Inc. is strives to provide mentoring, entrepreneurship skills development, and positive male role-models for South Dallas County inner-city youth. CIATC Inc. is a year round farming and business program supporting the youth by providing valuable personal and business tools while cultivating interest in Agriculture, Farm and Ranch way of life.
The mission of the CIATC is to take inner-city youth and open his eyes to the possibilities and realities of entrepreneurship in the Agriculture.
Staff Guided, Youth Driven
The Program strives, with staff guidance and direction, for the boys to take pride in themselves through the development of the skills and production of their crops. This will in return create self-pride, identity, and belonging, not only for the youth to the concept of the CIATC program but to himself and his fellow workers and the positive and successful environment they have created.

Key Principles of CIATC Inc:


A serious desire to learn, self-improve, and contribute will signify the necessary commitment to get the most from the program.


The youth taking pride in the crops, animals and projects; co-workers, the CIATC program; and most importantly his/herself.


Installing a deep-rooted sense of respect for CIATC Inc, the Christian Faith, Community, and the Cowboy Way of Life.