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Our Focus:

This 3-acre “outdoor classroom” uses the garden and farm to teach where food comes from and the principles of environmental stewardship. The focus is on hands-on, outdoor experiential education.
Get firsthand experience living and day in the life of a Farmer/Ranch Hand. Learn how to feed/water livestock; operate farm equipment; and repair corrals, pasture fences, pens and other farm facilities.
Skills & Trade
Introduction to farm equipment mechanics repair, service and maintain a wide array of equipment, including large vehicles utilized on farms and lawn and garden vehicles used by the public.
Cowboy Living
Firsthand experience with a day in the life of the traditional Cowboy, Farm Hand, or Ranch Hand. Important to our goal is teaching today’s youth the traditions and way of life of Texas frontier.


Christian InnerCity Agricultural Training Center

CIATC Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the creation of agriculture and farm educational programs for youth and adults in the Southern Sector of Dallas County by providing hands-on, skill-based education in sustainable agriculture.